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    Add two boundry at the same face

    Ahmed Khamis

      if i have pipe and  i  want to add flow rat with pressure



      how i can add this two boundry at the same face ??




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          Joe Galliera

          Open the thermodynamic properties option closer to the bottom of the Flow Rate BC definition.  This pressure is only an approximate pressure, defaults to your ambient/environmental setting, because you cannot set a pressure and flow rate at the same time.


          Set another boundary with a pressure and this will help set the state of the fluid, and with it you can find the pressure differential to the flow rate by setting a  Surface Goal of pressure on the flow rate face.  Use an Equation Goal to subtract the calculated pressure at the flow rate face from the ambient pressure (hint: select the Input Data folder on the tree and then it will present you a list of conditions set for the environmental conditions in the Wizard).