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Electrical Routing, Oh joy what fun

Question asked by Colin Nicholson on Dec 5, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2011 by Colin Nicholson

For those out there who have mastered electrical routing. Firstly congratulations, clearly you are an absolute genius.

I’m currently facing the arduous task of getting wires from connection point A to Connection point B.

The method I have discovered that almost works is; in assembly select connection Point A/right click / click Start Route – (Route properties box appears)under Electrical/ sub-type, click drop down select Cable/Wire set OD to 1.2mm. No clue what “Fix diameter” check box is for.

Question 1. What is fix diameter for

Next; click covering (properties box changes to Covering) under segments select Use covering library

Under Covering type drop down the only option is Tape

Question 2; is covering just that, a loom covering eg insulation tape or spiral rap?  If so then wire or cable already has insulation.

So ignored covering as I just want individual wires so accept route properties, then Auto Route property manger appears. So uncheck orthogonal route because I want spines not lines and fillets

Under Selections  the current selection box is highlighted  blue indicating its waiting for me to select a point or something. This is where I’m confused the only connection point I am able to select is connection point A which now has a stalk and an active sketch line, so that is my from I cannot select my too connection point because it is not active.

In order to make my too connection point i.e. connection point B active I have to exit the Auto Route box and then right click the part with connection point B and select Add to Route in the pop up dialog box , the connection points then become active and get a wire stalk.

Question 3; what is the point of current selection box in the Auto Route property manager when you can only select the from connection point i.e. connection A?

I can now click the auto route in the command manager to open the Auto Route properties box and in Current selection select connection point A and connection point B.


Magically when I select connection point B on the second electrical part a beautiful spine sketch appears between the 2 points. My problem now is the spine is straight through the wall of the housing  so I select the edit(drag) radio button in the Auto Route property manager to extend the spline but all that happens is the connection point sketch lines extend,the sline does not extend or stetch to where I want it, not the desired result.


So now my thinking is to edit the housing and create a sketch with points where I would like the wires (splines) to pass and create route points on those sketch points. So I’m thinking these will act like clips and I can attach the (wire) spline to them. Wrong that doesn’t work

Question 4; how do I create custom or maybe virtual clips to pass my wires through so I can track my wires down drilled holes and through cut out slots?


Have attached Assembly so you can see my scenario