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    Pattern on Multi-Curved Surface

    James Gannatal

      Any ideas on how to model the attached picture of a diamon pattern wrapped around a curved surface. Tried a few differed methods but there must be a better and easier way. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


      Diamond Pattern.png

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          Charles Culp

          There is no good way to "wrap" onto a non-cylindrical or non-conical surface. There are lots of "bad" ways.


          You can use patterns and 3D sketches to get the job done, which is how I would approach it. I can show you an example of how to do it if you can upload the part you have so far.


          1. Create the revolved shape.


          2. Create a helix, and sweep a flat surface along that helix which interferes with the revolved shape where you want the diamond pattern to be. You only need to do one small iteration, remember you can pattern the rest.


          3. Insert>Curve>Split Line to create an edge where the diamond pattern will go.


          4. Sweep Cut with the groove profile required. Use the split edge in #3 as the path.


          5. Circular Pattern as required.