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The suffix ->? means that the reference is out-of-context, how to fix it.

Question asked by Floor Goes on Dec 5, 2011

We use a PDM data vault at my internship company. When i save my parts or assemblies, it'll automatically get a new name. Depending on what kind of part/assembly it is.

For example  2000000-00000001 is a welding part. Which is in a welding assembly 1000000-000000001. And there are more codes like 4000000 for turning parts like rods, 5000000for milling parts etc.


Now when i am top down modelling, when i save my parts the names automatically change and gets saved in the PDM vault.

Now is the problem that i get an error saying, The suffix ->? means that the reference is out-of-context.


Is there anything i can do to fix this?

Or is this question already awnsered, and i can't find the topic



Sorry for the bad english, but i'm dutch!