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Customizing sheet formats

Question asked by Andrew Buc on Dec 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by John Ehrhardt

I'm using SWx 2011. I decided to design a title block more to my liking than the canned ones that come with SWx. I made a dedicated folder for my customized sheet formats (.SLDDRT), copied the standard files (a - landscape.slddrt, etc.) into that folder, and renamed them so I'd know which set of drawing templates I was choosing from at a given time. I also tweaked Options to tell SWx to look for drawing templates in both the original folder and the new folder.


I edited the A-size drawing template to get the title block the way I wanted it. So far, so good, but 2 questions:


1) Is there a straightforward way of transplanting the modified title block into the templates for other sheet sizes? Ideally, I'd like to keep the existing borders and zones and just transplant the title block.


2) When I create a new drawing, I don't get prompted as to which drawing template to use as I formerly did. How do I fix this?


Thank you.