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    Customizing sheet formats

    Andrew Buc

      I'm using SWx 2011. I decided to design a title block more to my liking than the canned ones that come with SWx. I made a dedicated folder for my customized sheet formats (.SLDDRT), copied the standard files (a - landscape.slddrt, etc.) into that folder, and renamed them so I'd know which set of drawing templates I was choosing from at a given time. I also tweaked Options to tell SWx to look for drawing templates in both the original folder and the new folder.


      I edited the A-size drawing template to get the title block the way I wanted it. So far, so good, but 2 questions:


      1) Is there a straightforward way of transplanting the modified title block into the templates for other sheet sizes? Ideally, I'd like to keep the existing borders and zones and just transplant the title block.


      2) When I create a new drawing, I don't get prompted as to which drawing template to use as I formerly did. How do I fix this?


      Thank you.

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          Daljeet Singh

          Dear Andre

          i hope this would help you out

          1)for sheet format :

          open any drawing - right click on sheet - go to edit sheet format - customised ur sheet format and modify ur title block by use of  sketch commands - than go to file and save sheet format (rename it accordingly it will automatically saved at ur default location for sheet format else u can change it also) - later on u can apply ur saved sheet format on any new drawing documents

          2) prompt when u create a new drawing

          please refer the image below please choose the first option for always use the default templete



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            Alan Stoldt



            When you create your new template, you must save it twice.


            Save the Sheet Format



            Save the Part Template




            Use the same namefor each file since it has a diffent extension.


            Hope this helps.





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              Wayne Tiffany

              To copy from one to another, cut & paste works well.



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                  Andrew Buc

                  @Daljeet Singh, @Alan Stoldt:


                  I think I understand the difference between SLDDRT (sheet format) and DRWDOT (dwg template). Until I get this issue with SLDDRTs resolved, I think dealing with DRWDOTs is jumping the gun, unless I'm missing something.


                  As I said, I created an A-size SLDDRT with my customized title block, and I want to create B-, C-, and D-size SLDDRTs with the same title block.


                  @Wayne Tiffany:


                  I tried to copy and paste my title block from the A-size SLDDRT to the B-size, and it didn't go smoothly at all. I couldn't seem to select all the sketch entities, sheet properties, and text items at once, so I tried copying just the sketch entities to the clipboard for starters. When I pasted them to the B-size SLDDRT, I didn't see a clear way to get the lower right corner of the title block at the LR corner of the border, nor to move all the sketch entitites as a unit.


                  Or did you mean me to copy the A-size SLDDRT to a new file, then copy and paste the B-size border and zones? How do I even get at the border and zones--where do they live?


                  Thanks--still trying to get my head around this!

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                    Wayne Tiffany

                    Go to the sheet format where the title block lives.  Then window select all the entities.  Then do a RMB and select Move entities.  This works pretty well, but sometimes will leave some sketch lines attached where they were.  In that case you just have to deal with them individually.


                    Or you can RMB and Make block.  Then you can drag that block around and when you have it in place, explode it.



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                    John Ehrhardt

                    I fix the bottom right corner of the border which is close to the busy title area created with much manual work.  Then you can lengthen border lines with dimensions.  Un-fix the point, move the sketch using the point to be 1 &1 inch from the paper corner coordinate. Place format dimensions & construction aids on a "FormatConstruction" layer; hide it and finish format work.


                    Advice- Be sure the dot/drt is saved with layer "Per Standard" active.  I had a user grab a format that was saved with hide layer active, and his dimensions fell on the hide layer!

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                      Andrew Buc

                      I've been experimenting with this, with some success--thanks to all who responded.


                      I see that the default templates include the properties DrawnBy, EngineeringApproval, and DrawnDate (among others), and naturally I've carried them over to my customized template. But where exactly does this summary information live? I have the impression that it lives in the .DRWDOT, not the .SLDDRT--is that correct?



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                          Kelvin Lamport

                          Sheet Formats (.slddrt) contain all the visible elements of a drawing template ... the border, title block, notes linked to properties, etc.


                          Drawing Templates (.slddot) contain all the non-visible elements of the chosen drawing standard ... the units, dimension style, projection, etc.


                          A Sheet Format is usually assigned to a Drawing Template, but it is not necessary to do so. Any Sheet Format can be called into any Drawing Template via the RMB > Properties dialogue box.


                          A Sheet Format file can only be created, edited and saved from within a Drawing Template. A slddrt file cannot be opened directly and I believe that is what many people find confusing.

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                              Andrew Buc

                              Thank you, that clears things up a bit.


                              I noticed that I couldn't directly open an slddrt directly from a file manager, so I've been using a workaround. I've been using a freeware utility that lets me highlight a file, RMB, and coy the file's path and name to clipboard. Then I've been pasting the name of the slddrt into the file-open dlg in SWx. Now I know why I needed to do this!

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                            John Ehrhardt

                            I mastered editing and saving a drt for each sheet size.  That was much work!

                            Now I need to update the title area, and see that SWK expects me to edit every drt I made!


                            Has anyone had success with creating a title area "SWK block" that can be dropped into a border?

                            This would include the logo graphic and parameter linked variables.


                            Inventor has a convenient scheme to drop in a border type sketched symbol for sheet size, then drop in a title type sketched symbol containing graphic and parameters.  Both of these are reusable after an edit by copying them between drawing files.


                            Tanx for the ongoing comments.

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                                Nabeel Salih


                                I tried saving the title block as a block. This worked great for me. I was able to use the title block (BLOCK) into different sheet formats. Same as what inventor uses.

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                                    John Ehrhardt

                                    I too experimented and found that a block cannot cary my company logo graphic:


                                    Parameter (variables) can work when nested in a block that is placed into a sheet format.

                                    The graphic did not work within a block. It stayed on the sheet where the block was created.


                                    Insert picture will only insert onto the sheet or the sheet format. Insert will not go into a block, or into an empty view.

                                    That means positioning a logo separately from a sketch, a block, or an empty view.

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                                  John Ehrhardt

                                  Thanks for the confirmation, Nabeel.

                                  Since the title area is at the bottom right, I moved the insert point to the bottom right of my title block block. funny.

                                  I found that grabbing & repositioning the insertion point was miss several and catch a few movements to finally get it onto the other corner (line endpoints).


                                  Here is my tip:

                                  I created a FormatConstruction layer to hold and hide construction lines and dimensions required in preparing the border and title areas in the slddrt. A Border layer has the visible heavy linetype.


                                  tip 2:

                                  Be sure to activate the PerStandard layer when done preparing a slddot.  I had an unhappy user who used my drawing template with a hidden layer active.  He was creating unseen dimensions onto the active hidden layer!