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Sketch bends without straight section at ends

Question asked by Tim Le on Dec 4, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by Tim Le

I'm not that familiar with the sheet metal functions so forgive me if this an easy question.


I'm designing a simple rectangular sheet metal part that has a curve in it. I modeled this as a flat solid first and at that stage I added some holes. I then used "Convert to Sheet Metal..." and added bends using Sketched Bends. I found that I can add the bends as long as the bend radius and bend angle are small enough to still have a straight section at the end (see first picture below). If the bend angle or radius are sufficiently large to cause the "straight" section to not exist, SolidWorks doesn't like this and refuses to complete the operation.


SM_using sketched bends.jpg

What I'd like to do is bend the part but not have this straight section at the end. For example, in the part above, I would like to bend it to some angle or bend radius where the end just curves off like below. Is this possible?


I know I can model it this way as an extrude and then flatten it, but I prefer to start with a flat pattern first because this is where I'd like to dimension the holes. Hope that makes sense?


SM_using extrude.jpg