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Transient pressure pulse analysis

Question asked by Colin Russell on Dec 4, 2011



If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.


I am trying to perform a transient pressure pulse analysis on an intake that I designed. I watched a video on youtube and then tried it myself however I cannot get it to work properly.


I have made an excel sheet with time v pressure tables for each of the four cylinders. I then selcted environmental pressure for the inlet and time dependent environmental pressures for each of the outlets by pasting in the relevant excel values for each outlet. I then made a series of goals and asked it to run however when it has finished solving I am unsure of how to get the reults to show correctly.


I have created flow trajectories for each opening (1 inlet and 4 outlets) and these show the flow to be going in the wring direction except for one outlet which is showing a pressure drop. I tried to animate it but this has not worked either.


I am also unsure how to slow down the animation as the event across all four cylinders happens in 0.12576 seconds.


Any help would be much appreciated as I am new to flow simulation.