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Find/Replace Annotations vs Ctrl+F

Question asked by Mark Treadwell on Dec 2, 2011

We recently upgraded to 2011 Premium (SP5.0). I'm working in a drawing showing two iso views of a fairly large assembly (6700 parts, 350 unique, 86 subs) with notes pointing out the top-level subassemblies.  When I reuse the drawing for a new project, I need to update the notes to reflect the updated part numbers (yes, this could be a BOM with balloons, but for this drawing we show additional notes etc. in the callouts).  I thought I would save myself time using find and replace, so I used the tool accessible from Tools / Find/Modify / Find and Replace Annotations, but it seemed as if it hung up completely when I hit replace all. Replacing notes individually led to a lag of a couple of minutes or so. Then when I was experimenting on a simpler drawing I realized that Ctrl+F calls up a completely different tool, which had zero lag on my big drawing.  Can anyone hint at why there's such a huge difference between the tools, or why I would ever want to use the slow one, or if there's a way to access the fast one if you don't happen to be trained in Ctrl+F by Office programs? The only advantage I can see is that the slow one lets you filter by annotation type and preview the modified text.