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How to set default BOM option?

Question asked by Alex Bloch on Dec 2, 2011

Im trying to set up a customizable part where when inserted into an assembly a designer can insert the required dimension to create the part. When the part is then created a new configuration is made but the BOM option always defaults to the "User Specified option". Is there a way I can have this set to "Document Name" by default. The reason for this is becuase its kind of defeats the purpose of having everything set up if the parts needs to be opened and edited a whole bunch. I'm looking to have a user either set a part number by the file name or have it automatically set when filling in the fields from the configuration tool.


I also understand that I can set up a design table to create the set options and part numbers that I want to be used. But, with how the numbering system works is that a certain dimension can be inserted into different place holders so that the part numbering system doesnt have to be constantly updated with new placeholder letters.


I hope this is clear enough of what im trying to get across.