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    Info on Folder or File Card?

    Katie Hughes

      This may be a silly question, but since we have differing opinions about it in our office, I thought I would ask here. What should be on the folder card compared to the file card? We all agree that as much common info that the files share should go on the folder card.  The problem occurs when we have something that is a common variable but the value is different, like a part number.  Everything in our vault has a part number, but some think that it should go on the folder card since they all have a number assigned to them. Others think that since the part number is different for each file in the folder, it should go on the file card.  Thoughts/opinions? I think it should go on the file card because after trying to add a part number to the folder card, the value is blank like it doesn’t know what number to select. But maybe it’s something that just isn’t being set correctly. I thought I would throw out this question to people who have more experience/expertise than I do with this program and see what you think.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Jeff Sweeney

          If it describes or is unique to the file, it goes on the file card. If it describes or is unique to the folder/project, it goes on the folder card.


          A part number almost always goes on the file. This way your searches and reports are more logincal and you can put that information in the file properties/titleblock.


          You could do both...if the folder/project has a number, it can be on its card, and the parts number can be on its card.