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Can the carriage return command be disabled for info going into excel from a card in the EPDM?

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by Kent Keller

My predecessor set up a template and workflow in our EPDM to capture discrepancies for incoming material in our warehouse.  When the template is activated a card opens up for info to be inputed.  This info was reviewed and issues taken care of by the workflow.  Recently, purchasing wanted to review this information as a big list.  I did a search and dumped it into excel.


This is where the problem lies.  On the card there are two large multiline text fields for description of discrepancy and resolution.  When info is typed in the users like to use the Enter key <cr> to seperate out comments in these fields.  When this is transfered into excel those commands actually change the location of the data.  The first part of the description may be in column F but the next bit after the carriage return is in column A and the rest of the information on the card will then continue on with Column B, etc.


I did modify the card and added a note not to use the Enter key but they like using it and it is hard to enforce and they keep asking when I will get this fixed.


Does anyone have any idea what can be done here?