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Linking to an external excel table

Question asked by Brandon Schmutzler on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by Filipe Venceslau

Has anyone found a way to link a cell to an external excel table cell value?


Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


Auto created BOM that looks like the attached image (generally). I would like to apply an excel "lookup" command to the description cell in order to pull from an external excel table. Essentially it will look up the part number in my master table and apply the related description. I know that I can have solidworks apply the sw property automatically but none of the part files have the properties filled out, and I really do not want to go back and edit them manually.


Is this something that can be done within the template or does it have to be done via some kind of macro?


Thanks in advance for any help!