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    Spin box increment/decrement rounding errors

    Mark Troutner

      I noticed an issue with 2012 dealing with spin box increment/decrement. I currently use 3 decimal place numbers for my design work. My spin box increments are set to 0.0625". When I increment up and then back down, or down and then back up I end up with a rounding error. For instance, if I start with a dimension of 0.125" and deccrement down I get 0.063" and then I increment up I get 0.0126" instead of the original 0.125". SW 2011 and prior did not do this. I can change my units to 5 decimal places and the error does not appear, but I don't want to send projects to my machine shop showing 5 decimal places of accuracy. Any ideas?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I would send that to your VAR as a bug. It may be tied in with another bug--see the thread "Re: Spin block not accurate in 2012" in the "More Like This" block to the right. I believe that one is supposed to be fixed with SP1, so perhaps yours will be as well.


          If SW decides it is not a bug and doesn't fix it, then all I can think of are various workarounds, like setting up your templates with 4 or 5 places, then using a 3 place favorite to switch the number of places just before you release them to the shop.


          Jerry Steiger