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    Tutorial problem

    Jim Austin

      In working with Solidworks Student Edition, I'm finding a problem with the tutorial “Advanced Design Techniques.” After several tries I believe I can see the reason for the problem, but can't tell if the tutorial is wrong, 2011 is different, or I'm missing something.


      Is there a place on the forum to discuss this?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          This is the place.  Go ahead and explain.

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            Scott McFadden


            Yes, this is the correct place to post and dicuss this issue you are having.

            I might also add that if you are having this much trouble trying to load the SW tutorial

            you might want to go to youtube and look at the tutorials there.  Might be a time savings

            for you at this point.

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              Jim Austin

              In the Advanced Design Techniques tutorial:

              On the fourth page of the Creating the Layout Sketch section, selecting the indicated offset line does not select the ‘chain’ indicated, only that line and the centerline of the arcs at each end of the barrels. Thus the “entire outside contour” is not copied into the sketch, so the trim and Extruded Cut in the succeeding 3Cuts section gives an error about open blocks.


              I’ve been able to ‘thrash’ my way to a workaround by bringing in the necessary parts of the ‘chain’ manually, then selecting the correct blocks in the Extruded Cut operation and setting the direction to midplane (instead of the tutorials ‘through all’). This indicates Solidworks is robust, in that good software usually has several ways to do something.


              But I still have questions about the basis of this problem and am looking for more information:

              - an explanation of what a chain is, why lines might form a chain, and why they don’t.

              - is there a way to add lines to a chain?

              - why the ‘outside contour’ referred to is defined only by lines along the center of the barrel.

              Does Solidworks have publications that cover this kind of information?

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                  Mark Kaiser

                  I believe a chain is just a continuous group of sketch entities.  Normally if you right click on a single sketch entity, responses like 'select chain' show up in the right mouse menu.  It sounds like you were in a covert entities command, and the select chain option is a tick box in the property manager.  See below picture.


                  select chain.png

                  As far as publications for help, there's always the help files, and browse around the SW site for stuff like knowledge base.  The knowledge base has a link at the upper right of this screen.  I don't know how helpful it is, never used it.  The people here are pretty helpful.