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Inconsistent wall thickness about LOFT and SWEEP

Question asked by David Thomas on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by David Thomas

Hi, this is my 1st post with a question for the gurus. I have 2 solids 1 with a circular profile and the 2nd with a oblong profile, Basically what is happening is the part is a deep draw stamping - round tube and is getting compressed or squeezed at the bottom into this OBLONG shape, the middle or transition area is being LOFTED but the wall thickness is  not even close to being uniform. Ive tried SHELL, SURFACING, THIN FEATURE, THICKEN  but it just dosent seem to give me a clean part without alot of surface triming and cleanup.


Id like a clean part because i want to use the DESIGN STUDY tool to optimize my part volume for my Tooling Development. Any help or Tips would be greatly appreciated


Thanks SO much


David Thomas