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Decals Disappearing

Question asked by Bulent Kalafat on Nov 30, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by Bulent Kalafat

I am using the professional edition of Solidworks 2012.


Yesterday I created a very simple rectangular extrusion to serve as a label to go on one of our products. Then I inserted a decal using a JPEG file. As long as I am on the decal editing screen I can adjust and see my decal just fine. However, as soon as I hit the green check button and exit the decal / appearances screen, the decal disappears. It still shows up in the decal list of the display manager, but it won't actually appear on the part itself.


I created the same part in Solidworks 2011, and the same thing happened. I sent the file to a colleague who uses Solidworks 2011 on a different computer. He opened it and was able to see the decal on the part.


Inserting decals from the Solidworks database as opposed to a JPEG image did not change the situation in either Solidworks 2011 or 2012.


Any ideas? Is there a graphics setting that I need to change that could fix this?