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    CSWP core exam sample question

    Aliaksandr Halko

      Hi guys,


      I just tried to model their part in second part of CSWP core exam. (http://files.solidworks.com/services/certification/CSWP-CORE_Sample_Exam2010B.pdf)


      I wonder, is it only me that had a problem with mass property? Question 4 (Stage 2)

      Their drawing:




      Take a look at attached picture. I've got the right result only after playing around with these chamfers:




      Is it possible to have this situation in the real exam. The difference is only 0.04 grams but the result is wrong - and you don't pass.


      Any thoughts?

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          Troy Peterson

          In the real exam your answer is scored on a range, as long as your answer is in the range it is good.

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              Aliaksandr Halko

              Ok. Thank you for the fast reply.

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                  Denny Metcalf

                  Hello Aliaksandr,


                  Granted you're not off by much and it would probably be okay, but I recommend that you go back and try it again because you must have missed something or interpreted something wrong.


                  When you take the real exam, if you are off in an early part of the exam it could detrimentally affect your answers in a later part of the exam. I never experienced that when I took it, but there are a lot of people who have complained about getting half the exam correct and then missing every question thereafter.


                  The exams are pretty easy and straightforward and seem to test accuracy and attention to detail more than your ability to use the software. Get used to identifying design intent and modeling for ease of change as opposed to the fastest way to just bang out the part because you will have to modify your models as you progress through the exam.