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Vault connections

Question asked by Matthew Phaneuf on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by Matthew Phaneuf

First and foremost, thanks to everyone in these SW Forums. Im setting up PDMWorks and over the last 2 weeks, I think I've read every post in every subject on every topic - you get the idea. Thank you!!!


Is it possible to move a Part/Drawing file from a Development # to a Production # without breaking the connection?? In other words, I want this:


Part XXX-000 Rev 02 in the Development Folder under "Development" status

to become

Part XXX-XXX0-X0000 Rev A in the Production Folder under "Production" status


keeping the history of this part in tact.


Also - since it moved to Production the "Development" part is no longer. How do I "de-activate" it (perhaps read only)??






Note: I attempted this as a "Save As", but 2 problems arose. #1 it would NOT allow me to check the part in as a Rev A although I changed Status and Project Folder; #2 it has no history once I "Save As" (normal to anyone who has used SW for more than 2 days)          See the attached screen shots for my VaultAdmin setup