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Convert Microstation Model/Drawing to SolidWorks Model/Drawing

Question asked by Jonathan Morgan on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by Anna Wood

I have a large number of simple Microstation drawings/models that I would like to convert to a format that SolidWorks can read. Most of the Microstation files are 2D drawings (all tube cross-sections) that I would like to convert (automatically, or with very little intervention) into SolidWorks 3D models (I will settle for converting into SolidWorks 2D drawings, if that is the best I can do). Will SolidWorks or Microstation do this? If not, does a plug-in, or 3rd party program, exist to do this? My alternative is to manually convert the drawings into SolidWorks models, but that is QUITE tedious. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!