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    Changing mass properties in drawings

    Corey Ireland

      Hi everyone,


      I'm currently editing some drawings (.SLDDWR) that someone else did, and every drawing has the mass of the part in the title block. However the masses are all in grams, and in some cases there are many decimal places. For example, I've got one part that weighs 781.326 grams.


      The weight is in a custom title block, but it wasn't entered manually because nobody in their right mind would think it's worth noting a 100 kg part's weight down to the milligram. However, I cannot find where this mass and its properties are referenced.


      I would like to change these all to kilograms with only one decimal place, but I don't want to go through and manually change every number by moving the decimal around. Furthermore, if I did that it would no longer automatically update.


      There are a few things I've tried, including changing the unit properties in both the drawing and the part file, but this hasn't been successful.


      What I'm looking for is a button or menu that automatically changes the noted weight to kg with fewer decimals, and Options -> Document Properties -> Units isn't it.


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Ryan Brumund

          After you changed the units / decimals in the Part file, did you rebuild the drawing?  I always had to rebuild to get items like that to update.


          If you did I would check the custom properties of the part (File->Properties).  I am guessing that there is a property called "Weight" (this is a default in the drop down), "Mass" or something to that effect, the "Value / Text Expression" should be something along the lines of "SW-Mass@PartName.SLDPRT" and then the "Evaluated Value" should be the mass of your part.  If your "Value / Text Expression" is just a number, that would be why nothing is updating.  If the value is pulled up from the SW-Mass property than changes to the units via Options -> Document Properties -> Units in the "Mass / Section Properties" area will change the output value which shows up in your drawing.


          Hope that helps.