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Save command and other questions

Question asked by Paul Kuhl on Nov 29, 2011
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My immediate qustion is how to use the Save command in the eDrawings activex control.  In visual studio, the intellisense tells me it takes three parameters:


edrwModel.Save(string saveName, bool saveAs, string commandString);


I can figure out saveName.  I assume saveAs is set to True if you want to save as a different file name (although that would seem obvious given the fileName parameter), but I don't have any documentation for the commandString parameter.  What I want to do is save the model as an image (PNG, JPG, etc), in it's current view, without the background gradient.  Is this possible?


The larger question is, where is this API documented?  I'm sure these function calls are listed somewhere, but I've had a lot of trouble finding them online.


Also, is there any way to search this forum while limiting your search to one forum area?  It's tough to find results for edrawings API when the search returns postings from all of the many forum areas.


Thanks in advance