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    Delete unwanted dimension in drawing?

    Kushal Shinde


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          Kushal Shinde



          In solidwork drawing when i click model item for dimension it shows so many dimension for that view whic i used in my sketch.

          I need only few of this dimension.


          Anybody help me out.

          I join new company and i am new user for solidwork.

          In my preveious company we have Pro-E.

          For this we wee using SHOW & ERASE cammand.

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            Alin Vargatu

            Kushal there are 2 nice tools in SolidWorks that will help you a lot. Follow this procedure:


            1. Select all the dimensions you want to keep.

            2. Activate the dimension selection filter (so you do not delete some other kind of entity). For that press "F5" and select dimension (see picture):


            Dimension Filter On.jpg

            3. Right Click on the empty area of the graphic side of the screen.

            4. Select the bottom double arrow on the RMB menu (see picture):



            5. Select "Invert Selection". See Picture:


            Invert Selection.jpg


            6. At this time, the rest of the dimensions (all the unwanted ones) should be selected. Just Right Click one more time and select "Hide" if they are model dimensions or press the "Delete" key if they are reference dimensions in order to make them disappear.


            Picture Before:




            Picture after Inverting the Selection:


            after invert selection.jpg


            Picture after hiding/erasing the unwanted dimensions:


            The End.jpg


            If you find that you need access to the Invert Selection menu item over and over, you can bring it to the primary content of the RMB menu:


            1. RMB and select the bottom double arrow:




            2. Select "Customize Menu":


            Customize menu.jpg


            3. Check the box corresponding to Invert Selection:


            Check invert Selection.jpg