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Changes intended for one linked config also appear in other configs

Question asked by Kenneth Campbell on Nov 29, 2011

I have been chasing my tail for days on this one.  Any assistance would be appreciated:

I have a part that has previously been assigned various appearances throughout 4 different configurations.  I have removed all configuartions except one.  I have also removed all display states except one.  All appearances have been removed, according to Solidworks. I now add three new configurations and have Solidworks link display states to these configurations. I now assign an appearance to 6 faces in configuration #3, telling Solidworks to only apply this appearance to this display state.  This works.  I verify that none of the other configurations show this appearance.  I now switch to configuration #4.  I tell Solidworks to apply an appearance to several features in this display state only.  The appearance shows up in this configuration, but also in configuration #1 and #2.  The root question:  why would appearances applied to "This Display State" only also show up in other configurations?  Each configuration clearly shows a unique display state linked to it in the Configuration Manager window.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.