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    How should I implement new Service Pack?

    Brian Dalton

      Our initial rollout is using the EPDM 2011 SP0, which is what was on the installation DVD.  I'd like to start planning to move to the latest service pack, but I want to understand the proper procedure before I start changing things.


      Does a SP update require changes to the server(s), and if so, need they be shutdown or restarted?


      Does each client need to be updated individually?


      What pitfalls may occur as a result of such an update?



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          Jeff Sweeney

          I always recommend testing before an upgrade. Better to find an issue in a test environment than having the entire company shouting your name. Most upgrades run without a hitch, but always plan for the worst.


          All servers and clients must be on the same service pack. Server shutdowns usually aren't required, but on occasion they are because of locked files. Thus plan that you will have to reboot the server. Honestly I usually do anyway -even if the software doesn't request it.


          The clients must be upgraded too, you can do it manually or through SMS, or an SMS clone.