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lag between invoking 'new' command and template dialog display

Question asked by John Burrill on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2011 by John Burrill

I've had this problem at three different locations since SW2011 SP3

When I click insert==>new component or File==>New, there's a five-to-ten second delay afterwhich the dialog appears as expected.

First thing I checked for was unresolved paths to the templates folder and I verified that there were none unresolved.

I also have this problem on a machine where my template path is sitting in a local folder on my harddrive.

I've tried opening all of my templates and saving them to the latest version but still the lag persists.

I re-use my template locations when I upgrade to new releases and I have a couple of subfolders in there.  All told, I have maybe 20 template files.

What do you guys think?