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Mold Training?

Question asked by Benjamin Walker on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by Benjamin Walker

Hello guys and gals,


Everybody's favorite kid rookie is at it again, and he needs some help. So this guy at my work who isn't technically my boss but I have to do what he says because he sort of owns part of the company...has decided to dump his work load on me and give me some of his responsibility. And that work load would be molds.


I have never drawn a mold.


I have never worked on a mold.


I have never even seen or used a mold until last week, when I decided to harass the women in the injection mold room to show me how it works.


I've been scouring over the forums here looking for any information I can muster, because said individual is not the best person to learn from and would most likely hurt me in the long run (because half the time he doesn't know how he even drew his model in SolidWorks). I'm in the middle of the SolidWorks tutorial right now, but it's just click this click that. I was wondering if there is any kind of training out there. Solid Professor doesn't have any (that I found) on mold making, and our reseller doesn't have anything either. Again, that I saw, I'm about to email them.


So yeah, anything at this point would be helpful. I did see a thread with a link to a site that had a CD you could order for Injection Mold Tutorials, but it didn't have anything to do with SolidWorks. While the information would most likely be useful, I kind of need it along with how to make the molds in SolidWorks. I like to know the why's behind things when I'm modeling, makes it a lot easier in the long run when a problem occurs.


Don't know if you need this information but just in case you do...our molds are really small and cylindrical. They are about half an inch tall and 3/8 in diameter. The one I have to model first is for tubes in your ears.


Thanks in advance everyone.



And in case you were wondering, I actually made a handful of good parts in the mold room last week