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Importing Multiple Objects From Rhino

Question asked by Leonard Klein on Nov 28, 2011


I want to perform structural analysis on a plank I am designing for my engineering design course.  Unfamiliar with SolidWorks, I constructed the model in Rhino. I performed analysis on all objects of the Rhino model showing that there are no exposed edges (all polysurfaces are closed).  In addition, I set my model tolerance to .00001 so each object in my model should be airtight.  However, when I import my model in to solid works, solid works is treating the model as if it were a single object, showing many errors due to "unmerged" object faces.  I do not want to import this model as a single object, I want to import the model with each object as its own entity to analyze the structure appropriately. Is there an efficient way to do this? 


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P.S. I have attached the .3dm file for viewing.