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Top-Down Centrifugal Fan Housing with an "Impossible" Sheet Metal Feature - Model is Diven by a Desing Table

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Nov 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by Geoffrey Leonard

For those interested in doing some "impossible" features, and on doing Top-Down models driven by a design table, download the attached file, then:


1.- Open the assembly

2.- Open the Design Table for Edit and on the "Configurator" table enter any value you want (on yellow background cells), then close the design table and rebuild de model.

3.- Open the "Fan Housing" part on his own window

4.- To see the "flat Pattern" of that part, go to the "Configuration Manager" tab and select the "With Side Hems Formed" or the SM-FLAT PATTERN" configuration which will produce the Flat Blank of the part.


Notice also that the embossing and cutting tool feature inside the air intake plate part will change dimensions driven by the design table (sometimes will do it and sometimes it will require to open the part in his own window and perform a "rebuild" of the part order for it to rebuild properly (sorry but this is a bug of SW equations module which do not properly rebuild the equations liking the tool to the reference geometry, this BUG was reported back in 2006 and maybe will be fix in 2015).


The Zip file also contain a copy of the design table (with all the ranges visible and unlocked), so you can see how it is build.