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Re-opening FEA study causes SW "error - needs to restart"

Question asked by John Sutherland on Nov 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Pierre Dupuis

SW Premium 2009


SW seems to be working and FEA study seems to be working until I save and close the document.  On attempting to re-open the document SW reports "error - needs to restart".  Endlessly.


My workaround is to model the part then save as a copy and do the study on the copy and print the results before closing.  Then I can open the original part and do another study on it.


As I am new to using FEA, this condition could have been present when I bought the product.  I don't change hardware or software.


Simultaneously SW RX reports "error - needs to restart" when I attempt to run it, but when I ignore the message and request Windows cleanups that works.  Looks like it can't connect to SW.  It used to work.


I have seen Windows messages about low virtual memory but I dismissed them as I have 8GB of real memory.


Any suggestions?