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    Re-opening FEA study causes SW "error - needs to restart"

    John Sutherland

      SW Premium 2009


      SW seems to be working and FEA study seems to be working until I save and close the document.  On attempting to re-open the document SW reports "error - needs to restart".  Endlessly.


      My workaround is to model the part then save as a copy and do the study on the copy and print the results before closing.  Then I can open the original part and do another study on it.


      As I am new to using FEA, this condition could have been present when I bought the product.  I don't change hardware or software.


      Simultaneously SW RX reports "error - needs to restart" when I attempt to run it, but when I ignore the message and request Windows cleanups that works.  Looks like it can't connect to SW.  It used to work.


      I have seen Windows messages about low virtual memory but I dismissed them as I have 8GB of real memory.


      Any suggestions?