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STEP Import Fail

Question asked by Jesse Glassford on Nov 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2011 by Jesse Glassford

I am having a problem importing a .step file generated by another CAD program (WASPnet, an RF program).


The model I am trying to import is composed of 3D surface of a feed and reflector.


When we view the file in a STP Viewer program, all of the surfaces are generated correctly.  However, when I try to import the file in to SolidWorks, it omits the reflector and only generates the feed.


I've attached both a screenshot of the issue as well as the offending .step file.


We are running SW 2010 SP4.0.


If someone has more luck with a newer version of SW could you do me a favour and post a parasolid version?  And let me know what version successfully processed the file; it would be a good excuse to get back on subscription!


Thanks much,