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Inverted bolt forces?

Question asked by Jakob Kofoed on Nov 26, 2011

Hi guys


I am a rookie in the field of simulation of bolt connections in Solid works. I'm doing a bolt study and I am pretty baffled by the outcome. I am pretty sure I have figured out applying the bolts, contact sets and also listing the bolt forces correctly after having solved the study. But the results go against everything one should expect them to be.

Basically I have connected two plates by means of four bolts - one in each corner. Then I am using Remote Loads to apply a moment  in the middle of the upper plate. The lower plate is fixed to the ground (see attached). Now, when listing the bolt forces, one would expect an axial force lower than the preload in the bolts located in the part of the plate subjected to compression - and an axial force higher than the preload in bolts located in the part of the plate subjected to tension.


But infact the opposite happens! (see attached no 2).


I would be really appreciative if someone could explain why this happens - or what I have done wrong.


Thanks guys..