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    how to add from & to email adresses in flow simulation

    Cnu Vasu

      As we have the capabilities in flowsimulation regarding the mail settings and multiple processors combining,

      1.how to add the from mail id 

      2.how to combine the multiple processors of the another computer

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          Dave Laban

          I too am having trouble with email setup so I cannot answer that question, however I have recently managed to get remote processing sorted with some help from our VAR.


          First, it's only using the processors on one other machine, not adding processing power in series/parallel.  I find this useful as it means I can have everything set up on my thoroughly average laptop and use the computing power of our FEA-specific towers across the room.


          To set it up, all that needs to be done is have the same version of FlowSim on the remote PC, and make sure that the firewall is set up appropriately (this is where I was going wrong).  You need to make sure that "standaloneslv.exe" has full permission to go through the firewall on both PCs.


          It is also worth checking that the "Remote Solver for Flow Simulation 20xx" service is running in Task Manager.


          When you hit Run in FlowSim, it should then be a case of selecting "Run at: Add computer..." and typing in the computer name / IP address in the box.


          Hope that helps!