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2012 sp0 RTee wrong branch size?

Question asked by Chad Rose on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by Chad Rose

Try this and let me know if it has a design table bug...or my table got ka-jumbled


open a new assembly ANSI

pipe route a new part.....Rtee 3x3x2sch40

drop in window and accept until it plots new pipes from the CP's


look at the 2" out the top.

2" pipe is 2.375 OD

the Rtee Branch dim's @ 3" OD

The run 3" are correct @ 3.5" OD


anyone else?


Even the design table for that part says 3". I never used a reducing tee of 3x3x2 in previous projects, I only lived in the 5" up to 12" world (which works fine when tried it today) so I dont know if this is 2012 related. And this is the first piping job since I installed 2012 on a fresh dell.


I have an open ticket with Javelin but I am getting into a email war over wether or not 3"OD for ANSI 2" pipe is correct.


any help would be great as I would hate to go into the design table and start editing a ton of configs.