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Combining AutoCAD block values

Question asked by Kees Kuijt on Nov 23, 2011
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I need to import a lot of autocad drawings. All of these have 3 lines of description information (e.g. Description1, Description2, Description3). Now I would like to combine these three fields into one string / editbox.

I managed to get them in an editbox but just after that I manually  alter the filecard. (e.g. space, remove space).

Since I won;t do that for all the drawings I \m looking for a method to combine these fields into one string so I can search them by using just one editbox on the searchcard (and not using the variabele control box).


I was thinking of using the API somehow to invoke a keystroke in an editbox during import to force an update of the card so the strings are combined (via Input Formula). However, I don't know howto.


Is there anyone who can help finding a solution for this.