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    Combining AutoCAD block values

    Kees Kuijt



      I need to import a lot of autocad drawings. All of these have 3 lines of description information (e.g. Description1, Description2, Description3). Now I would like to combine these three fields into one string / editbox.

      I managed to get them in an editbox but just after that I manually  alter the filecard. (e.g. space, remove space).

      Since I won;t do that for all the drawings I \m looking for a method to combine these fields into one string so I can search them by using just one editbox on the searchcard (and not using the variabele control box).


      I was thinking of using the API somehow to invoke a keystroke in an editbox during import to force an update of the card so the strings are combined (via Input Formula). However, I don't know howto.


      Is there anyone who can help finding a solution for this.




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          Michael Dekoning



          Why don't you just write a Dispatch script to take the three description variables and combine them into your new variable?



          EPDM 2011 SP2

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              Kees Kuijt

              Hi Michael,


              Thanks for that tip.

              However, which file do I have to use for the Dispatch Action?



              I want the action to be executed when a .dwg file is copied to the vault. When I check "During add" in the Edit Action-box the Action initiates but does not fill the required fields.

              When I use the action in the menu it does work. But for that I have to perform an extra handling.


              I suspect that when I look at the options of the Set Card Variables the file is not selected bij default so EPDM doesn't know which file to write the variable to. I tried to use %currentfile% but that doesn't work.


              Do you (or anyone else) have a suggestion?

              set card Variables options.jpg

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              Kees Kuijt

              Finally I found the answer.


              It was indeed the filename that needs to be stored in a runtime-variable


              It seems that EPDM adds the file to the vault and than deselects it (or at least loses focus to the file) so one can't use the option "Selected File". Also, current file doesn't work. Therefore I stored the filename in the variable %FileName% and used that to generate a complete filepath+file. Now it writes the correct fields.