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Automatically Change BOM to CSV-File

Question asked by Katie Hughes on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by Katie Hughes

Is there a way to change a BOM from a *.xml file to a *.csv file in a workflow? I know if you open the explore window, you can click on the Bill of Materials tab and then click ‘Save As’ and then change the ‘Save as type’ to CSV-File.  But is there a way to program the workflow to convert the file type? We would like this to be an automatic process in our workflow so that information can be sent to another computer program we use without having to make the conversion by hand every time. I thought something like the Convert Task would help, but it doesn't give the formats we need. (Something like the convert task tool could be exactly what we need, if it was for the BOM and had an option to change the format to a CSV-File.)


Would a macro or script be able to accomplish this? If there is a way to change the file type, is there a way to direct the file to a certain folder or location? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated… programming and writing macros are definitely not my area. Thanks!