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Explode Weldment Path

Question asked by Don Cheke on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2011 by Don Cheke

I have started to make use of weldment in my window and door drawings as making mitered corners is a breeze (plus many other benefits). I have found a great way to keep each component as a separate part (i.e. main extrusion, inner seal, etc.) and easily assemble them in my assembly files. If I need to illustrate individual components (i.e left stile, top rail) I simply hide the unrequired bodies in the drawing file. Works great.


The only thing I don't like about the weldments method is how the individual rails or stiles are not individually selectable when using the Show Hidden Components  assembly feature. One must use the FeatureDesign manager tree to have these show or hide individually.


So my question has to do in part with making the individal runs (left stile, right stile, top rail, bottom rail) of the door / window parts easier to deal with while keeping the miters and the relationship to the custom profile(s).


Is it possible to explode a weldment created frame (two side, top and bottom) to create four individual parts while retaining all relationships? So far the only way I can think this could be established would be by creating each component as a separate entity and mitering each end with an extrude cut. However, this would eliminate all the benefits derived from using weldments, which I see as many.


Hope this all makes sense!