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Highlited text in PDM check in screen

Question asked by Rob Pearce on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by Rob Pearce

I know I am missing something incredibly obvious. I have been chasing this one around, on and off, for a couple of days.We have just begun to use PDM for work groups (Solidworks 2011). I have been assigned to make sure the existing vault files are correct and add any remaining files to finish the project documentation. The challenge is that I am new to PDM works. After some experimenting, and time researching discusion groups and on-lione help, I am getting the hang ot it except for this one issue.


When I check in an assembly some of the component files on the check in screen are greyed out and some are not. To quote the help files I am assuming that the component files that are not greyed indicate that "The document has changed since it was last saved." I expected that taking ownership of the component file in the vault then checking in the identical file on my local disk should be considered saving the file and should make the files on my disk and in the vault the same. I keep the revision the same by check in the file as "read from file". When I attempt again to check in the assembly the component file is still highlited.


I have a few questions:  How do I save the file in a way that PDM works will acknowledge? Will there be problems with the assemblies I have already checked in? What is the obvious thing am I missing?


Thank you