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Equation automatically rounding... it shouldn't be (I think)

Question asked by Stephen Moskaluk on Nov 22, 2011
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  I've done some searching and have not been able to locate anyone else who has had this problem, so I'm worried that I'm missing something...  let me explain:


The equation is driving spacing for a linear pattern and works out as such:


"D3@TiePattern" = ("RD4@Annotations"-5.50)\(iif("RD2@Annotations"<72.00, 3, 4))


spacing = 75.92 / 4


problem is that solidworks is solving it at 19", not the 18.98 that it should be... and that's causing an issue for what I'm doing over here.


So I guess, I'm left wondering what the heck I could be doing wrong or missing over here...  I've checked my unit settings, they're good, and if I set the value manually at 18.98 - SolidWorks will space them at exactly 18.92, not 19".


Any ideas?



(SW 2011, SP5.0)