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is there a chain feature other then belt/chain

Question asked by Stijn Chapelle on Nov 22, 2011
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I've got another question, and since you guys really helped me the previous time I hope you can do that again.


I'm still working on my oven. Got everything working. One more problem though: I've got a piston sort of attached to the ground with a pully at the end and a chain over it. One end of the chain is attached to "the ground" and the other end to the cover of the oven. When the cilinder extends, the chain makes the oven open and close (depending on the way the rod in the cilinder goes).


I was hoping to add a chain to simulate this in the assembly, but sofar I only found a belt/chain feature that (if I'm correct) only applies to pullies.


At the moment I've done this with a linear coupler mate, but I was hoping I could do it with a chain.


So my question is: Is there a feature with which I can simulate my situation (I've a attached a picture for more clarity)?


again, looking forwards to solutions