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Bend angles obtained from square 2 round flatpattern incorrect.

Question asked by Johan Kellerman on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by Don Sundberg

Hi Guys,


I recently came across a problem regarding the angles solidworks gives me when I develop a Square to Round sheet metal part.

  I remember back in the day Solidworks did not give any bend angles for the bend lines and therefore I used an old program for that purpose. Because it was a freeware version it could not convert the profile to DXF or incorporate the material thickness, but it gave me the bend angles I required.


Now about 2 weeks ago we did a project for a client and the part was horribly incorrect (I stopped using the old program because of the information SW gave me). After the investigation was done it came to light that SW gave the incorrect angles.


Therefore my question to you guys is have you ever came across something like this and is there a fix for this?






Old square 2 round program.jpg





Solidworks development.jpg