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moving subassembly parts in top assembly

Question asked by Stijn Chapelle on Nov 22, 2011
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Got a small question (thats why I'm here of course). I'm modeling an oven and trying to do so with the help of subassemblies. I found out though that I can't move a part from a sub-assembly in the top assembly.


The oven consists of an upper and lower part. The upperpart is moved with the help of hydraulic cilinders. I made a subassembly of a cilinder, but when I put them in the 'total' assembly the rod won't move. If I open the piston assembly i can move it up and down the cilinder, but I can't anymore when i'm in the topassembly


Is this normal, and if so is there something i can do to make it work, or am i 'screwed' and do I have to make one huge assembly with all the parts in just to be able to move it all up and down.


Looking forward to any advice,


Stijn Chapelle