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    Linking checkbox in Word with Datacard variable

    Daniel Hunter

      Is it possible to do the above and link a checkbox in microsoft word to update from a datacard checkbox variable?


      I am exploring the possibility of having all information used on the company EC form done on my template card.  I know effectively doing this I could just use the datacard as my form.  However I am keen to keep hold of the word document as it is.  But have it so that literally the document creator needn't open / check out the document just to update with the intial information.  I have this working with linking to custom properties as per the method described in other discussion, however haven't found anything relating to word checkboxes.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You can link the checkbox to Word's VBA, then have that macro modify the file's properties, link those file properties to a variable in the datacard. Pretty easy going in that direction.


          Going the other way, the datacard driving checkbox would be harder. You would need a trigger to look at the file properties and then set the checkbox accordingly. I think I would use the "Document_Open" event.

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              Daniel Hunter

              Thanks for the help Jeff.  Unfortunately I have little experience in programming and the option that I'd need to take here would be the datacard driving the checkbox in the word document. 


              I think I may have to leave this, or I may ask one of our software engineers if they'll take a look at it.  Unless do you know of any good source material which would help achieve my goal using the "document_open" event?

              It's not essential to my process but I'd of loved to have the variables mapped to EPDM to allow for searches to be carried out on these.