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Press Fit Analysis

Question asked by Akash Vandakudri on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2011 by Paul Kellner

Hi All,


I am trying to perform press fit analysis. I have two methods to do.


1) Using the pin outside and push it through hole using no prenetration contact. This would be nonlinear analysis with material plasticity, friction contact and large deformation. I will give displacement to pin to move down inot hole and see the stress developed onto the mating surfaces(contact stresses) and then calculate the forces


2) In second method I can use the shrink fit contact in the final assembly to model, so that  the parts that are having interference with each other come out and have face to face contact.


Now my main concern is how much difference does we have in contact pressure, contact force and stresses in performing the above two analysis. Will it account for residual forces onto to next analysis to be performed ont the same geometry after pressfit or shrin fit. Will it generate the same amount of stress if geometry is solved with the aove mentioned methods.

Kindly let me know on this.PRESS FIT.JPG



Akash A V