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Solidworks 2006 running in xp mode in windows 7

Question asked by Cheryl Martin on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by Anna Wood

Hello, as the subject suggests. I am trying to run Solidworks 2006 in xp mode in Windows 7 on a Dell Precision workstation T1600. I am able to install and open with no problem. However, when trying to do a 'save as' to convert it so that cimatron can read it, it crashes immediately.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Has anyone else been able to use it successfully. It is not used for design purposes in xp mode. It is for an employee who needs to convert the file for his cimatron software.


Thanks for any assistance or advice.


As we all know, sooner or later we are forced to upgrade to the newer operating systems. This is the first new workstation to have this and is the test machine upon which to base all other purchases. Ideally I would get it as XP but that is not feasible anymore as the support for it becomes obsolete and the other software required here moves forward. We have 2011 but that is only used for the designers. The machine operators have 2006.