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ITX Workstation for Solidworks?

Question asked by John Biddleston on Nov 20, 2011
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My business is recently growing, and I require a new computer.


I wish to build a custom mini ITX that is really the smallest possible 3D CAD workstation possible.


I am thinking of basing on something like this Zotac but with

- i5 750 that I can overclock

- Quadro Graphics or Intel HD Graphics


However, I am struggling to specify the right parts.


I want this to be small enought and light enough so that it is portable, and I can take it for client presentations etc.


My Dell M90 Notebook has died. So I really need a portable SolidWorks capable computer urgently.


Seems that a mini ITX might be the best way to do this. So has anyone had the same idea, and can anyone help?


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