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    What's your hardware?

    Aaron Moncur

      I'm curious to know what hardware upgrads I might consider to optimize my machine for FEA work.  To that end, I am hoping some of you out there with higher end workstations would share your hardware configurations with me, and/or recommend your "dream setup".  Here's what I've got:


      Quad core i7 overclocked to 3.66GHz

      16GB RAM

      NVidia GeForce GTX 580


      It does fine with small to medium studies (less than a few hundred thousand DOF...usually solves in ~20 minutes), but gets bogged down when I run larger studies.  I've done a few that were over 1 million DOF, but it took many hours (6? 8? 10?  ...I wasn't keeping track).  What hardware setups are others using?  What upgrads might I consider to do larger studies (like 1 million DOF)?