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Question asked by Alper Kuney on Nov 20, 2011



I have tamplate project with an assembly and its sub-assemblies and parts..

To make a second project by just changing a part on that project with a new version; after checking out the assembly and the part, i made the changing on it. I "save as" the assembly with a different name at the same folder and saving the part by creating a new version.

project 1 has the part file with version 1

project 2 has the part file with version 2


when i check the "contains" tab for each assembly, i can see the different version that they are using but when i want to open one of the assembly with SW, it is opened with the local version of the part. why can't i see the related version of the project. if local version of the part is 1 and i want to open the 2. project, the 2. project opens with the version 1 of the part.


could you help me with that issue please?

could you offer me other solutions like these project issues?

is "copy tree" or "save as copy" check box on "save as diolog box" can help??


thanks in advance..