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equations vs. design table

Question asked by Eugen Popa on Nov 18, 2011
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it's first time for me on this forum. and here is my question: I have an assembly, in fact a box, that is driven by equations, LxHxW. that's ok, but on the side panels I must have some cut-outs, one or two, not more or less, depends on the height(H), to make possible the manipulation. the dimensions of the cut-extrude depends also by the height of the panel. for that I made a cut-extrude on the part and a linear pattern of this feature. see the pictures below: 210-Box-1.JPG210-Box-2.JPG

in the part I made a design table to control the state of the linear pattern, suppressed or unsuppressed. when I've created the design table I checked the option "Allow model edits to update the design table". the problem is when I modify the height of the assembly, in the part, the design table doesn't update, so the linear pattern doesn't change. I must to open the part, "edit feature" of the design table and at this moment it's updated.

I don't know if I was very accurate in my description. don't hesitate.