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Floating fasteners, bushings and holes in parts

Question asked by Rodney Peterson on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2011 by Rodney Peterson

I have a small assembly that is a rectangular tube with 4 cross drilled holes in it.  then at the assembly level

you insert 4 bushings into these holes.  then at the next level assembly you insert this sub-assy between

2 plates that have holes in them and then you run bolts through the plates and bushings in the sub-assy.


My issue is I am trying to develop tolerances that will allow manufacturing more flexibility and so what I need

to know is if I relax tolerances on dimensions will my assy still go together.


I have tried using Tol Anylyst study and that is way too cumbersome.  So I modeled the tube with the holes drilled

in it at worst case scenario and now would like to have solidworks insert this bolt into this hole(but don't worry about

making them concentric) just keep the boundries from overlapping each other.


I will attach a picture to help show my dilema.