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Interferance Detection Problem.

Question asked by RICH PAUZA on Nov 17, 2011
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I have been using ID to check fits - look for clearance problems, etc - and it really works great.


But in the last month or so - I notice a lack of accuracy -  Like contacts that are mated coincident, but showing a interference of .006 or .008.


That can not be - if the two face's are mated together how can there be an interference on the same plane...?  if it was a parallel mate then I could see a possible problem, I even tried switching between coincident & parallel constraint to see if it made a difference, but it did not.


I can't post the model I am working on, but I bet I could get it to repeat on something I could post up.


An example of my results reads ( Interference 1 - 7e-008in >3 )    This is from an insert into a pocket were the clearance should be zero.


90 degrees to this is another face it reads ( Interference 2 - 1.47e-006>3 )   This should also be zero or coincident.


I have triple checked my measurements - with both the measurement tool at 4 places & a sketch edit check.



Any clues....????